The work of Ezra Larsen

Sculptor & Painter Ezra Larsen

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Ezra has established a unique skill set that’s opened many artistic doorways. Through oil painting he’s established himself creating paintings of animals, landscapes and portraits. He’s done many commissions of specific subject matter and sells his originals as well. Through classical and metal sculpture he’s done work in film and scenic fabrication.

Now Ezra is ignited with a passion for creating artwork that speaks to our world and the state in which it’s in. With the tension growing between human society and the natural world, this is an issue which speaks to us all. We as people must find a way forward. Ezra speaks to this with his creations and invites us into a world of fantastical possibilities and beautiful yet disturbing realities.

Available for


I can create a wide range of personal pieces; from garden sculptures to paintings of family and favourite animals. I can really tailor a piece of artwork to your every need… for the right price.


Why Work with Ezra

Because we can all unite behind climate change and our love for animals. I am sending out an appeal to the nature lover within all of us.

I am experienced with clients from all walks of life.

I make room for an affordable payment plan. 

I donate 5% of my earnings to nature conservation projects.